The Bathers

Many famous painters have portrayed people (mostly women) who washed at the seaside, in the baths or by the water at various times. Let’s take a look at these works together.

One thing that is noteworthy is the fact that the photographs containing the theme of these washers were made intensely by Impressionist artists. Probably this is the reason why you have to blame naked women-oriented pictures until this turn. This preliminary image has become a taboo on the The Luncheon on The Grass, which Manet painted in 1863. There is a side to this one that opens the door for people, because each one of them contains different themes, including a theme that relaxes people like bathing. Another point of caution in these pictures is that the female figures that contain aesthetic beauty are much more intense to use. I liked the classical period paintings that made this theme more interesting. We brought together works of famous painters including this theme.

Three Bathers – Gustave Courbet

Kupacice (Bathers) – Veljko Stanojević, 1924

Large Bathers – Paul Cezanne, 1906

Camille Pissarro – Baigneuses, 1894

Paul Ranson, Three Bathers with Irises, 1900

Jean Bourdichon – Bathsheba Bathing, 1499

George Tooker – Bathers, 1950

A Favourite Custom – Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1909

Les grandes baigneuses par – Pierre Auguste Renoir, 1884

Four Bathers – Bob Thompson, 1961

Bathing – Edvard Munch – 1897-99

Bathers – René Magritte, 1921

Bathers – Pablo Picasso, 1918

Bathing Women – Edvard Munch, 1894

Bathers in Brittany – Paul Gauguin, 1886

Bathers at Asnières – Georges Seurat, 1884

Jeunes femmes au bain – Henri Pierre Picou, 1879

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