Hanefi Yeter Ere Retrospective

This weekend I visited the Ere Exhibition, where the works of Hanefi Yeter in İş Bank Kibele Art Gallery were exhibited.

I took this exhibition in the first place among the few exhibitions I planned to go to this weekend when I am planning the exhibition route. I’ve hit. Hanefi Yeter is a truly productive artist. The detailing and the colors chosen in his works greatly influenced me. I opened the exhibition hall and bought it in the open air. The first work that greeted me in the window without entering from the door yet was a female statue named “Train Income Lovely Income”. The small toy car that we like very much when we are young and the sculpture made of aluminum where the trucks are placed are very beautiful in the dress which was formed around the head of the train.

The hall consists of 3 corridors. Aluminum sculptures welcome you at the entrance of every corridor. This sculpture is made up of human and animal forms, and the colored areas on the gray main material have added life to the sculptures. In the first corridor, disproportionate arms and body, with the sculpture in perspective, it is said that the Acrobatic named sculpture welcomes you.

Three tables hanging side by side from the parts of the same scene that I like most are attracting attention. When the disproportionate limbs of the models are combined with the colors and patterns, they escape from human aesthetic concerns. In order for something to be beautiful, it is in my mind that it creates the perception that it does not have to have gold ore.

The artist also produced many works using a technique of engraving on the wood. In the same hall there are two separate works named Adam and Eve with the technique of carving on the wood on the same wall where the Anka Kuşu and Ebabil Bird are located. Eve is covered with somatic flower forms and carries two male figurines in his large hands, according to his body. The colors of Adam’s handles covered with flowers are so black. Even people on their hands are going hand in hand. Under their arms some of them are black and some are more upside-down than others in color.


Two sculptures named Phoenix and Swift were placed in position to greet each other with colored wings

The artist has also done a lot of work on ceramics. Plates and vases, these works are mostly adorned with human figures. Especially the human figures on the plates reminded me of Matisse’s human figures. The artist must have been influenced by the works of Matisse during his visit to the exhibition, which he described as the greatest gain when he went to Paris during the third school year during the school year.

I liked the works of the Three Apples and the Between or Not created by mixed technique on wood. At the end of the corridor in the immediate vicinity of these works you will meet a grocery counter. Beside the counter there is a colored basket of fruit, which is made of aluminum and the main material is aluminum. Again in the same portrayal of a pink naked male figurine from which fruit vegetables flowed all over the place. A little bit I was one of my favorite works. With a figurine reaching out to a cherry tree, it stretches over the bigger fruits giving different branches from the cherry.



Most of the artist’s works carry traces of cultural and municipal. One of them is the work named Fortuneteller. While the arms of the female model’s dress are composed of traditional motifs, many animal figurines, from head to foot, are housed. The artist likes to work with life-filled figures. Another thing that attracts attention is that the figures are carrying / hosting something on their hands …

One of my favorite works on the show is the work called “Stars Collection” which is made of mixed technique on wood which is used in blue color. Male model stars flying in the air are out of the study area with filesi collecting stars. The wooden figure is carved out of its place and is moving out of the borders, leaving behind its shadow to collect the stars. The works of the artist reminiscent of Chagall’s works.

Tighten the Rings of Crowded Children The boy takes me away from the world of dreams and takes them to the real world. Squeeze Rows The children’s book came to me as one of the works of art that politically engages in the interest of the artist during his life in Germany. The work of 1977, which I think the artist is the oldest work in the exhibition, has a very different pattern compared to the other works of the artist. The work depicted by a Turkish worker is also one of the works the artist has made during his 70 years in Berlin and his life in Berlin for 18 years. In fact, this work is made up of intense gray tones, unlike works made of extremely lyrical colors.


In the third corridor there is a statue of the mother and child II with the interlaced red and black colors made of metal representing the mother. The figures carrying their children in the hands of the mothers’ flowers, which are made up of dress flowers, offer a different visuality to the audience from every angle.

The work titled Stroke of Luck, on which the red dyed dense man’s head and a curious bird is placed on the wood, is intricately influenced by the carving technique in a natural frame form. In front of this work, Table work presents a story of life through many objects on the table.


Two works in the same style, which are exhibited side by side for a year, create the same effect in mind. The sun and cloud cloaked works are made up of human and cloud figures who have occupied themselves in the intensity of the fonda lines. Perhaps the two parts of a story complement each other.

The Biter is Bit is an old male figure with a white circle in one hand and a tree surrounded by colorful flowers in his other hand. There are various animal figures left in the picture without being colored, so they are in a story. A Face with  Edge and Corner named table consists of 5 parts. This work, made up of individual human heads, reminds people who are organized with the theme of leaving the vitality of colors on the background.


Be sure to see the exhibit that I can describe as one of the most beautiful exhibitions I have seen lately. Dear artist Hanefi Yeter has produced works that deserve this extraordinary amount. He was in the exhibition area on weekdays. This may be useful if you plan your day of the week if possible.

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