Madam P, Courage

Ziraat Art Gallery in Tunel is home to the colorful works of Madam P. The works in the two-storey exhibition area consist of different works of the artist.

When you enter the exhibition area, you will be welcomed by the works named “Mechanical Age” created by rectangular shapes in different sizes. In the same period, the Second Generation Mechanical Age 2 works in another dimension of the exhibition hall to draw attention to the difference in the completion process of living phenomena with rectangular shapes overlaid in different sizes from piece to piece. There is a need to be patient to wait for something when things are happening immediately without needing to wait for completion.

First Day and Fragment The works of turquoise colors, which are reminiscent of the country of the artist born and raised in Denmark, are used extensively. The first day, perhaps, was the official beginning of this exhibition

The work Celebration, which the artist described as a favorite of the exhibition, gives the sermon of a human celebration with circular images of different tones on the yellow and turquoise background

Humans and Mirrors, Inside Out, Children’s Hearts are works created in a similar way. The common feature of these works is that they are painted in color before closing some areas with a white paint. The artist tried to make it clear with the white contrasts that he wanted to express in his canvas.

Many of the works of the artist contain beautiful meanings, while the works named Anger, Curse, Brains are out of this rule. The artist uses the white strips of the People and the Mirrors, Outer Door, and Childish Hearts in anger, in black, as an expression of bad things this time.


The colorful works of art inspired by a child are positioned next to each other in the exhibition space on the upper floor. The Brain Without People is a work of thought and a wall just behind it. Thinking is a work of art. The colored wall between these two works serves as a bridge representing this calming process.

The Dog and The Sleeping Woman are works of art (perhaps a child’s eyes) in which the artist treats the concepts in the world in different ways within the colors

Turtle figure in Madame P’s self-portraits and the orange strips on the tortoise describe the artist’s characteristics: “I live in my own shell and I have boundaries.” The number of strips on the outside is more than the number of strips on the inside, which means there are fewer boundaries in the inner world than in the outer world. Bumerang, which stands just above this picture, is the one with the pink colored boomerang on the top of the picture and the letter P on the bottom that is related to the artist who expresses the artist’s tides.

The Blind Man’s Glasses may want to emphasize that there is much more of a beauty between the white speck among the black frames of the named work and the colors around the window behind the body.

The very simple, composed of 3 different color strips of different thicknesses, The Space created by the artist in different ways creates a feeling of relaxation, calmness, calmness when we look at the name.

The Wings of a Butterfly reminds us of Monet’s Nilüferleri with blue, purple and greens, while the work named Renamed winged your soul with the colors of its famous works.

Two beautiful paintings depicting the different states of nature that take inspiration from nature in the same style as Silence of The Light and Blue Rain. These two works are positioned between the works representing Dog and Madam P’s auto portraits, creating a colorful world where nature and people are together in the exhibition space.

The Courage Exhibition, which consists of works of different styles that represent different moods of the colorful world of the artist, can be seen at Ziraat Art Gallery until March 9.

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