Meliha Sözeri Dust

The exhibition titled Dust in the Bozlu Art Project consists of works arranged in 3 separate areas, which are produced with the expression of the artist Meliha Sözeri, considering the concepts of disintegration, unification, separation, construction, flight.

The first area consists of the works named Aesthetic Threat, Interface, Arınım and Serial No: 3, in which the feminine objects in the house are created with transparency by using wire material. The work named Arınmak creates the main showcase of the exhibition area by representing the privacy together with the hanging clothes hanging on the fabric. Aesthetic Threat is the name of the work that reminds us of the beautification made from the name of the make-up table and the interface next to it with the name of the silver colored mirror mirroring objects as each other is complementary. Like other objects, the serial no. 3 sewing machine created in individual dimensions represents the reunification of fragmentation.



The area where Vacuum-named work is represented is located in the second area, where dust is swept out from the inside of the house and the transition area is represented by an old vacuum cleaner.

The third area consists of Noise, Clinic, Üf and Serial No: 1. The clinic named work, which consists of different colors in the glass tubes hanging from the wall, consists of 36 black keys, 36 sese and 36 different colors representing 36 different colors, which are present in the work piyan created from tellers of noise named gray and black tones, while collecting and distributing the dispersed powders. While the name of the Üf named work, which is formed by the bending of a light pipe, has a meaningful meaning to the audience, the marble serial no. 1 sewing machine is offered to the audience in strict form as opposed to the transparency of the serial number 3 in the first column.



The exhibition can be visited at Nişantaşı Bozlu Art Project until March 6th.

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