Hans Op de Beeck Sleeping Girl

The Sleeping Girl Exhibition, composed of works by the Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck, welcomes visitors to the Pilevneli Gallery.

The exhibition venue is a 10-minute walk from Taksim’s Pilevneli Gallery in Dolapdere, a simple gray-walled building with a giant neon sculpture named Everyone Gets Lighter, which is made up of rainbow colors placed on top of the hill. Artist Ugo Rondinone’s exhibition in Istanbul Biennial 18 years ago is waiting for you on the roof of Pilevneli Gallery until 25th November.

everyone gets lighter

We start our exhibition tour with the top quartz. 3 works from the Gestures series (Paper Plane, Miniature Tree and Blackberries) meet us when you descend from the elevator and the wall is mounted on the right side and adds a sense of vitality to the walls. In the same room, the two paintings of the painting of the Sleeping Girl sculpture amongst the Gestures series and the water-painting work of the large size and the winter scenery in the gray-white tones of the watercolor are also impressive. My favorite paintings on the top floor were watercolor works.



The gray plaster painting in which only two trees are present in the frame of the ancient form with an effect such as burned in a fire and covered with ashes is also in the same room

When we go down one floor, we encounter a woman sculpture that takes care of us when we go up with the elevator. The naked young woman, made of gray plaster, is depicted in the everyday home environment. The same salvation is immediately behind a skull, house objects, and a peacock sculpture peeled off from the characteristic colors just above them and integrated into other objects at the table. Another statue in gray form with a still life painting on the opposite side of the Peacock Bird; a table sculpture with objects such as fruit, candlesticks, flower pots, etc. welcomes us.


The placement, which reflects a living room that is entirely gray in color, is still being told around a sofa in Chesterfield. This sleepy wise guy is a dog. Exactly across this field, a piano that has been in the dust for years, feels a sense of lifelessness with various objects and hollow frames.


The video at the bottom of the exhibition area takes you to the dream world of a 14-year-old girl who sleeps on the water, accompanied by a music concert specially composed for this short film by The Girl Tom Pintens.

The exhibition takes you on a gray world where only the souls of the body and its objects have already abandoned, and when you blow the chute on it, it feels like a revival. A different exhibition experience.

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