Istanbul Art Galleries

It is not possible to spend a day without art in Istanbul. Recently, besides the well-established museums, art galleries are hosting remarkable exhibitions and increasing their awareness. We have listed the art galleries in Istanbul, which offer us an alternative to museums through exhibition calendars.

C.A.M. Gallery

C.A.M. which is founded in 1992, now located on Cukurcuma Street given us the opportunity to have a personal exhibition with the artists within the body and has been instrumental in getting to know valuable artists. Sidar Baki, Ayşe Bezened, Nihal Martlı, Serpil Mavi Üstün are some of them. This year, the gallery, which takes part in events such as Step Istanbul and Contemporary Istanbul, has a portfolio of artists who produce works with their own special qualities, which are very good works.


The gallery, which was founded in 2002 by Hazer Özil in Nişantaşı, brings together the works of many foreign artists to Istanbul art lovers and acts as an intermediary for the representation of local artists abroad. Opening its second venue in Dolapdere in 2016, the gallery now operates in Dolapdere. The gallery, where we had the chance to visit 2 beautiful exhibitions (Vik Muniz and Fahrelnissa Zeid) in recent years, contributes to the recognition of artists from many branches of art such as painting, sculpture and photography. The single-floor gallery space will become even more popular thanks to Arter, which will be moved to its new venue in Dolapdere in September this year, and it will increase its popularity as one of the first galleries of the art district in Dolapdere.

Bozlu Art Project

The gallery, which first attracted our attention with its exhibitions in Nişantaşı, is now located in the Mongeri Building in its beautiful and wider space in Şişli. In Bozlu Art Project, one of the most visited galleries, we have seen the retrospective and personal exhibitions of Meliha Sözeri, Ali Giyır, Neşee Erdok and Sinan Demirtaş. Bozlu Art Project is one of the galleries that we are looking forward to the next exhibitions, which are carefully prepared and contain the works of successful artists.

Pilevneli Gallery

When we visited to see the Sleeping Girl Exhibition where the gray sculptures of Hans Op De Beeck were exhibited for the first time in Dolapdere, we had the joy of discovering another successful gallery. Last year, the gallery expanded its success and opened one of the busiest gallery openings in a former liquor factory in Mecidiyeköy. The most important achievement of the gallery, which managed to fill both spaces with the new venue, may be the world-renowned artist Refik Anadol. The Melting Memories Exhibition, which took place last year, attracted visitors. In fact, Refik Anadol’s contribution to making the gallery so popular cannot be ignored. In the new space of the artist’s work with a data sculpture called Bosphorus a large hall was reserved. The new space has a large area compared to the first space. Even the largest area in Istanbul may be the Pilevneli Gallery.

Anna Laudel

When we first discovered the gallery located on the Bankalar Street in Karaköy, we were unhappy that we missed a Botero exhibition just a few days ago. After the Botero exhibition of a big museum such as Pera Museum in the past years, it could have been a good opportunity. Rooms and Walls, Past Meets Present, Gazi Sansoy, Ekin Su Koç. The prominent artist of the gallery is Ramazan Can.

Pilot Gallery

Gokhan Gökseven’s “A House on the Hill” exhibition was the first meeting with the Pilot Gallery on the left hand side of the road from Taksim Sıraselviler to Cihangir. Although the gallery has a small space, it seems that it will continue to host the works of successful artists.

Art On

This is the first time we visited the gallery, which attracts attention with its glass showcase, a little ahead of Pera Museum. When we went to see Ali Elmacı’s Blood Spoils the Dream exhibiton, we also had the opportunity to meet the artist. If you come to Pera Museum, it is worth visiting here.

Evin Art Gallery

Evin Art Gallery, founded by the son of distinguished painter Nuri İyem and his bride Evin İyem, is also the organizer of the Nuri İyem Painting Competition, which is the occasion for many artists to be recognized each year. In the gallery where we had the chance to visit with Nuri İyem Exhibition in the past years, exhibitions of different artists are held.

Gallery 77

In Contemporary Istanbul, the gallery in Karaköy was held for the first time this year and attracted our attention with the artists who performed many works such as Sedat Girgin, Vav Hokabyan and Vahram Davtian. Afterwards, we had the chance to visit Sedat Girgin’s personal exhibition in the gallery space. Last but not least, the gallery, which gives us the opportunity to get to know Sayat Uşaklıgil at the gallery stand in Step İstanbul, increases her recognition by taking part in many artistic events.

While the art galleries in Istanbul are transforming into alternative exhibition spaces, they are also instrumental in getting to know many artists and adding vitality to the neighborhood.

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