Vik Muniz

Dirimart Dolapdere is hosting the works of the Brazilian artist Vik Muniz’s Metacrom, Magazine Paintings, Novel Postcards and Repro series.

When you enter saloon, ​​large-sized tables meet you from the Metacrom series where colorful flowers are located. At first glance, when you look closely at the works that resemble oil paintings, you understand that the photographic prints are made of materials used in the painting. Focusing on the main material (cracked dry pastels and paint powders) used in creation of works in terms of the theme it contains, he wanted to think about the process of creation. In these works the artist is inspired by Van Gogh, Redon, Cezanne, Klimt and Egon Schiele.

Flowers after Redon III, 2016 


The works created with the collage of torn pieces from various magazines in the field where 5 works from the magazine series of paintings take place meet us. The most favorite work on the show was Pictures of Magazine 2: Mad World, a colorful picture of the world on this screen. It is a world image surrounded by a blue light in a black background, people who create this color in a work containing many colors. When you enter the details, you realize that the work is not built randomly but everything is built with delicacy in mind. One of the most beautiful pieces of this series is the 2013 work named Symphony in White No: 1: The White Girl after James Whistler, which is a real female figure. The works on this shelf are confronted as a recreation of works of famous artists such as Jean Baptiste, Coubert, C. W. Eckersberg with a different technique. Inspired by the work of C. W. Eckersberg in 1841, the female model Standing Before a Mirror has taken care of the intense use of the parts of women’s bare areas of women’s clothing.


He has produced the series of postcards from anywhere by combining the pieces from her own postcards. When we saw Istanbul’s famous work in which a scene belonging to the Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul belonged to this series, it made us think that the artist had previously been a subject of our country.


The Repros series is made up of pieces of printed materials used by the public for advertising purposes. The artist reproduced Van Gogh’s work of the same name, dated 1888, with a different technique, while remaining faithful to the original, by The Boy, Camille Roulini after Van Gogh.

The exhibition can be seen in Dolapdere Dirimart until 11th March. Pleasant sightseeing.

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